Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.  My name is Bryant Coffey and I am a San Diego based motion graphics artist, editor and photographer.


In my 5+ years of agency work, I've worked on many types of projects. Some of them are just average editorial jobs, but some required a fully crafted story. Those projects challenged me to explore all of the different angles and takes. Knowing that the piece wasn't right until every last detail of the cut was perfect is where I thrived. Cultivating the piece from ingest through to production can be emotional for me. That's my passion and where my dream is. It might sound corny to become emotional over a finished piece, but when you work hours upon hours on a video, finessing it to become the absolute best that it can be so you can see the final piece brought to fruition, it has actually made my eyes water. The feeling of accomplishment and pride at the end is what I strive for.


I am a freelance video editor specializing in Adobe Premiere Pro. I have a wide range of skills from Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, and various compression formats. I'm able to work on-site in the San Diego / Los Angeles area as well as remotely from my office.

Specialties include:

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Production Support, Event Support, Engineering/Technical Support, Videography, Photography & more!


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