"Marketing Gateway"

Client: LPL Financial

Agency: Opts Ideas / TMG Creative


This was 1 video in a 17 part series that documented the new features in LPL Financial's new suite of mobile applications.  In 9 days, I handled a team of 4 (including myself), where I ingested footage, created content cuts to a "constantly revolving" script with 4 agency clients in a room, working around the clock.  As edits would get done, I would export EDL's to my graphics team, pass them off the latest script, and move on to the next cut.  They had created templates for the graphics and would populate data into each graphic and submit the renders.


I took a project management role in this piece, making sure that everyone was on the same page, every step of the game.  If they had a question, they came to me, we worked it out and we got it done.  All 17 videos were created and composited on a tight deadline of 9 days.

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