George B. Kelly | Producer & Director


"I worked on dozens of projects with Bryant at TMG Creative, where he brought an incomparable focus on the details of a project, with a devotion to wringing every last possible improvement out of the final product, no matter how minor it may seem. Ultimately, he has the uncanny ability to exercise out the proverbial “devil in the details” and make a good show great.


His eye for detail was accompanied by a methodical thoroughness that is rare even in film production. On top of that, he also has a finely-tuned artistic sense for color, composition and motion, which guide his hand as an artist.


Artistry, accuracy and an ambitious approach to filmmaking are what make Bryant stand out from the crowd."

Elijah Hatcher | Agency Account Director


"Working with Bryant is something to experience. Dependable doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Not only does he make a great teammate, but he's also well liked with clients. They love working with Bryant because his uncanny way of always getting things done. Plus he does a great job explaining the process/project to them in a way that they can understand.


His ability to be proactive and learn new things is something that stands out with Bryant. He has a desire to progress and make himself even better than the day before. When the going gets tough make sure you have someone like him on your team."

Jeff Casagrande | Media Production Manager


"I have worked closely with Bryant Coffey the past four years and it has truly been a pleasure to witness his progression in all matters of artistic, technical and professional growth. Starting with his general character and positive attitude, tvwo key attributes already firmly in place when he was hired, yielded a responsible, self-starting and very eager employee. He understood from Day 1 what TMG Creative (then Total Media Group) was all about and began carving that special niche for himself within our company family. Almost immediately, Bryant displayed solid knowledge of various software applications as well as a strong aptitude for technical theory that was well beyond both our expectations and his years. All these facts combined quickly garnered the full respect and admiration of all his peers.


Over the next four years, Bryant made tremendous strides within the company framework, learning everything from editorial and graphic design to complex engineering theory and client relations. His involvement with our clients and their projects was ubiquitous. It seemed whenever and wherever you looked, or whatever projects were going on, Bryant always seemed to be in the middle of the action in some way or another. This kind of demand and accountability would break some people, but Bryant shined. Simply put, and it’s a bit clichéd, but employees like him do not come along every day.


Personally speaking, I owe a great deal to Bryant. Besides having a strong friendship with him, he and I probably worked the closest together while he was here and it made me a better and more well rounded employee. I’ve learned so much from him and will always be grateful for it and for him. My only regret is a bit of a selfish one in that it just didn’t last long enough. Mostly, I just miss my friend. Despite all this, I’m very excited and happy for him. Any company or organization lucky enough to snag Bryant would not only be making a very wise decision on a choice of employee, but would also acquire a loyal, reliable and hardworking individual."

Megan McKenna | Agency President & CEO


Bryant is one of a kind. He has the perfect mix of curiosity and intrigue, and technical and editing skills, as well as fearlessness and commitment, to be an asset to any project.


My favorite part about Bryant (besides his demeanor) is that I could throw a technical challenge at him, and without blinking, he would tackle and solve it. I trusted him with the most challenging projects.


I am sad he moved to San Diego, and have yet to meet anyone that can fill his shoes.

Ryan Scott | Freelance Motion Graphics Artist


Bryant's positive, can-do attitude coupled with his boundless energy and enthusiasm make him a go-to asset for any team or production. Bryant has a keen eye for both detail and beauty and he brings this eye to every project he's a part of. He is fast, reliable and above all else a pleasure to be around.

Patrick Roche | Senior Producer & Project Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Bryant at TMG. He arrived eager to learn and dove head first into every project he was given. He quickly grew into a skilled editor and technician who wore many hats around the facility. As a producer, I came to rely on him often. I knew I could always trust Bryant to execute any task, large or small. In the midst of this, Bryant always displayed a refreshingly positive attitude. Bryant is a very dedicated and talented individual and I would highly recommend him to any organization.

Adam Sturgeon | Freelance Video Editor


"I met Bryant in 2012 when he first arrived at Total Media Group. Bryant was right out of college looking for his first industry full time job and I must say he didn’t disappoint. What impressed me most about Bryant was the smile he had on his face every day and his willing to learn and be part of a team.


Bryant started out low on the totem pole as most people do in this industry and right away he started to master Final Cut Pro 7 Studio and all the challenges and rewards that come with it. The president of the company trusted Bryant to project manage, edit and generate motion graphics while at the same time learning the intricacies of video engineering in the HD Digital workflow. Bryant quickly became a very important piece of the TMG team and over time he became very well versed in Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and spent many hours on his own time learning how to be a 3D motion graphic designer.


In the three years I have known Bryant, his editing and motion graphic skills have enhanced greatly and he took on the challenges of website design, video engineer, video compressions, SAN storage maintenance and many more jobs that required the company to succeed. His passion for photography outside of the office has had a positive impact on his design skills and the sky is the limit for his future endeavors!


Bryant has not only become a very experienced editor and graphic artist but has become a great friend as well. He takes on any challenge with a smile and is willing to work long hours to get the end result."

Ariella Quatra | Senior Producer


"During his time at TMG Creative, I watched Bryant grow and develop his role and career and value to the company at a tremendous rate. Bryant always took initiative to wear many hats and learn new skills on his own. His dedication and loyalty, passion and motivation, and general optimism and amazing attitude was not only impressive to all at TMG, but also infectious. Bryant won't settle for "good enough" and will go out of his way to figure out new solutions to problems - even if that meant staying late on his own, digging into new software and taking classes outside of work to stay on the cutting edge. There's nothing I wouldn't trust him with, for he has the highest standards, morals, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done well and satisfy the client. His work ethic and professionalism, along with a fun, kind, and warm personality, make Bryant simply an all-around wonderful employee, teammate, and person! I am certain he will be successful in all that he sets out to accomplish."

Phil Schulz | Agency Account Director


Bryant and I worked together at TMG for two years and in that time I came to respect not only his work ethic but also his insatiable desire to expand his creative and professional capabilities. Add to that the fact that he's a really nice guy and fun to work with and you've got one heck of a teammate.

Jack Hsu | Chief Technology Officer


"I had the pleasure of working with Bryant at TMG Creative for over 3 years as his direct supervisor. From the day I interviewed him, I knew he was something a little different… I saw in his eyes a creative spark and ambition to accomplish anything in his path. Quickly after bringing him on, we saw our studio change from the group of people working in the same building, to a team, working together.


Bryant has an unmatched determination to succeed. I’ve watched him take extreme measures to learn new things and become a better artist…from the many different classes he’s taken at the company sponsored training facility, Bay Area Video Coalition to countless hours of online training through Digital Tutors, he has astonished everyone. He continues to strive to be the best and takes on larger and larger projects everyday. Bryant is very detailed in all aspects of his work from projects to our clients’ satisfaction.


It is with honor that I give the highest recommendation for Bryant. He is a wonderful person to work with, a team-player, extremely dedicated and very hard working. He strives for the best and doesn’t stop until it is perfect. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Bryant and know that it will be filled with success with any endeavor he puts his mind to."

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